The History of the Book Club

A book club, sometimes referred to as a reading group, is a collection of readers who participate in the regular discussion of books. Traditionally, a book club consists of several members who meet in person each month to talk about a specific work.

However, the advent of web forums and email have made it possible for book clubs to exist online. While both traditional and online book clubs offer readers the opportunity to participate in spirited discussions about their favorite book titles, each type of club has its own set of advantages.

Traditional book clubs offer the benefit of having all members in the same room, which makes for a much more personal and intimate experience. Since most traditional book clubs are somewhat small in size, each member typically has more control over what books are selected to read, and quite often, members will vote on a list of suggested titles that have been submitted or take turns selecting titles.

Enter: Online Book Clubs

Online book clubs offer several advantages over the traditional reading group model. Due to the vastness of the web and the variety of book clubs available, readers who turn to the Internet to find a book club enjoy a much wider selection of clubs, including many dedicated to a specialized interest or genre. In addition, online book clubs can be more convenient, as many of them are available at any time of day. Of course, there are also disadvantages associated with online book clubs. For instance, the intimacy of a personal discussion is lost, along with the social interaction that is often a part of the traditional book club experience.

Enter: The Twitter Book Club

The Twitter Book Club consists mostly of Twitter members, and recommendations as opposed to discussion, therefore, it can be considered its own category separate of others as previously described. From time to time, The Twitter Book Club will hold giveaways of a recommended book title to Twitter members, as well as discussions on that particular title.


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