Career Renegade

by Jonathan Fields

What can I say about this book? Where do I start?

I bought this title after perusing it quite by accident in Chapters. The thought of quitting my, at the time, crappy job and doing what I loved for a living was like nirvana to me (as it is to most). I was at the time in a job that I hated, sitting behind a desk for 8 hours of the day, wishing upon all that's holy that I were somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Then along came Career Renegade. This book was the last straw to my making a decision that I already knew had to be made one way or the other.

The author tells his own story of corporate disillusionment and physical deterioration (capped by a stress-exacerbated heart attack, which he interpreted as his body literally rejecting his career) to a new life as a fitness entrepreneur.

Fields moves beyond self-help rhetoric to proffer helpful, no-nonsense steps for aspiring business owners, acknowledging that career renegades must not only identify their own secret passion but must also translate it into a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

In addition to sharing inspirational career renegade cases studies, such as Liv's Story, in which a frustrated artist discovers a profitable niche decorating custom cakes, Fields provides pragmatic strategies for creating a realistic business plan, exploiting technology and employing affordable guerilla marketing.

While the author does not spend much time addressing the financial risks, chances of failure or enormous commitment of personal energy and resources involved in entrepreneurship (I'm guessing he trusts that the reader would have SOME common sense in this regard), he does provide an engaging, and some (including myself) would say persuasive firsthand look at the rewards in doing what you love for a living.

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